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Common Signs of Car Radiator Failure

The radiator is a very important part of the car's cooling system. The radiator functions to keep the engine temperature stable and not overheated. However, like any other part of a car, radiators can suffer damage. Here are some common signs of car radiator damage that you need to know.

1. Leaking air radiator
One of the most common signs of a damaged car radiator is a water leak. Leaks can occur in any part of the radiator, either in the upper or lower tubes or in the water channels. If you see signs of a water leak in your car, have it checked by a radiator specialist immediately to solve this problem.

2. Engine overheats
If your car's engine often overheats or the engine temperature is too hot, it could be that the problem lies in the radiator. This can happen if the air duct on the radiator is blocked or there is damage to the radiator fan. Immediately consult a radiator expert to solve this problem before it gets worse.

3. Radiator water is cloudy
If the radiator water in your car is cloudy or dirty, this could be a sign of dirt or scale on the inside of the radiator. This dirt or crust can cause the radiator to not function properly and eventually damage other parts of your car's engine.

4. The smell or color of the radiator water has changed
If the radiator water in your car changes color or smells bad, this can indicate a problem with your car's cooling system. For example, the color of the radiator water turns brown or smells like burnt rubber, this could be a sign of corrosion or problems with the engine cooling system.

5. Noisy sound from radiator
If you hear a noise or crackling sound coming from the radiator, this could indicate the presence of scale or dirt on the inside of the radiator. This can reduce cooling cooling and cause damage to your car's engine.

Those are some common signs of car radiator damage that you need to know. Don't delay immediately fixing radiator problems if you find these signs in order to minimize damage to your car's engine. Always have your car checked regularly by a radiator expert so that your engine cooling system always functions properly.

Several ways to prevent car radiator damage is to carry out routine maintenance. Here are some car radiator maintenance tips that you can do:

1. Check radiator water regularly
Make sure the radiator water in your car is always sufficient and not too dirty or discolored. Change the radiator water regularly according to the recommendations in your car's manual.

2. Check radiator fan
Make sure the radiator fan is working properly and there is no damage to the fan. A damaged radiator fan can cause the car engine to overheat.

3. Check the pressure in the radiator
Make sure the pressure on the radiator is always normal. Pressure that is too low can cause leaks in the engine cooling system.

4. Clean the radiator section
Clean the radiator from dirt and scale regularly. Crust or dirt that sticks to the inside of the radiator can reduce cooling efficiency.

5. Check radiators regularly
Perform maintenance and check the condition of the radiator periodically to the repair shop or radiator expert to prevent damage to the engine cooling system.

By carrying out regular maintenance and paying attention to the common signs of damage to your car's radiator, you can avoid more serious damage to your car's engine. Don't forget to regularly perform maintenance on your car so that your car is always in good condition and safe to use.