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5 Tips for Caring for a Newly Replaced Windshield

A newly replaced windshield will provide clear and safe vision when driving. However, a new windshield also needs to be properly maintained to keep it in the best condition. Here are 5 tips on caring for a newly replaced windshield.

1. Avoid rubbing the glass with abrasive materials
When cleaning the windshield, avoid scrubbing it with abrasive materials such as lint or brushes. Rough materials can cause scratches on the glass that will interfere with your vision while driving. Use a soft microfiber cloth or sponge to clean the windshield.

2. Use Special Cleaning Liquid for Car Glass
To clean the windshield of a new car, use a special cleaning fluid for auto glass which can be found at automotive stores. This liquid is specifically designed to clean windshields and leaves no traces or residue. Avoid using dishwashing soap or other cleaning agents that can damage the protective coating on the windshield.

3. Do Not Expose Windshield to Direct Sun
Direct exposure to the sun's rays on a new windshield can make it more likely to chip or crack. Avoid parking the car in the sun continuously. Also, avoid turning on the car's air conditioner directly when you enter a car that is exposed to the sun because rapid temperature changes can damage the glass.

4. Avoid Using a Wiper when the Car Glass is Wet
Using a wiper on a wet windshield can damage the protective film on the glass. Before using the wiper, make sure the windshield is dry or at least slightly dry. If you have to clean your windshield when it's raining, use a wiper equipped with soft rubber to avoid scratching the glass.

5. Check Windshield Periodically
Check the windshield periodically to make sure there are no scratches or cracks on the glass. If you find scratches or cracks on the glass, immediately take the car to a repair shop for repair or replacement. A cracked or broken windshield can interfere with your vision while driving and can endanger your safety.

6. Check Wiper Conditions and Replace According to Schedule
Wipers are an important component in caring for the windshield of a car. Make sure the wipers are in good condition and nothing is worn or torn. In addition, replace the wipers according to a predetermined schedule. Wipers that are worn out or not working properly can damage the windshield and make your vision impaired when driving in rain or dusty conditions.

7. Avoid Using Inappropriate Window Film
Window film can help protect your car's windshield from sunlight and scratches. However, make sure you use window film that complies with local government regulations and doesn't violate regulations. The use of inappropriate window film can cause impaired vision while driving and can result in sanctions from the authorities.

8. Avoid Carrying Heavy Weights on the Windshield
Carrying heavy weights on a car's windshield can damage the glass and make it easier to break or crack. Avoid carrying heavy or large items on the windscreen, especially when driving in bad road conditions.

9. Car Park in a Safe Place
Parking the car in a safe and secure area can help protect the windshield from damage caused by external factors such as rocks, hail, or other hard objects. Avoid parking the car too close to trees or buildings that could damage the windshield.

10. Clean the Windshield Regularly
Clean the windshield regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating and damaging the glass. In addition, cleaning the windshield regularly can also help keep the glass in the best condition. Make sure to clean the windshield every time you clean your car and regularly remove any dirt or dust that has stuck to the glass.

By following the tips above, you can ensure that the windshield you just replaced is in the best condition and safe to use while driving. In addition, regular windshield maintenance can also help extend the life of your windshield and save on maintenance costs in the future.