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Tips for Driving When the Rainy Season Strikes

Tips for Driving When the Rainy Season Strikes

Driving in the rain is quite dangerous for motorists, especially for motorbike users. This is because the pouring rain directly hits the body, so that it can disturb the driver's vision and concentration.

For this reason, you need to know the following tips for riding a motorbike when it rains. Here's the full explanation.

To support field mobility, especially for 2-wheeled riders, follow the following guidelines for riding a motorbike when it rains. This needs to be applied to be accident free.

1. First, wear a raincoat when it rains quite heavily. However, to make it safer and more comfortable, wear a single raincoat. So, make sure you always put the raincoat on the motorbike seat, then dry it after use so that it smells good.

2. Before leaving, make sure your tire pressure is quite normal. Because, it also affects the comfort when driving. If you need to fill in air pressure if you feel the tires are not safe.

3. Turn on the motorbike lights when it starts to rain heavily. This will make the road conditions appear clearer and help other motorists recognize the position of your vehicle.

4. Try to reduce the speed when the weather is rainy. Also avoid braking suddenly so that the motorbike tires don't skid due to slippery road conditions.

5. Try to protect the distance between other motorists. Especially when visibility is short when it rains. This is to avoid collisions between road users.

6. Also pay attention to puddles on the streets. It could be, there are potholes that endanger motorists. Always be vigilant and careful, okay!

7. Tips for riding a motorbike when it rains next, wear a mirrored or full face helmet to protect your eyes from splashing rainwater, dirt and dust. Not only that, wearing a helmet according to standards also minimizes collisions when an accident occurs.

8. Should take shelter when the rain feels very heavy. Because, in certain weather, the ability of plants to fall, floods, to landslides can occur.

9. Well, if the rain is very heavy to cause flooding, stay away from starting the motorbike engine. Not only disturbing the vehicle, this can also endanger you because of the electric current generated.

10. Finally, don't take shelter at the bottom of a bridge or tunnel. This could annoy users of other routes.

So, those are some tips for riding a motorbike when it's raining that you need to try.