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Pay attention to how to choose oil to fit your motorbike

Guide to Sorting the Right Motorcycle Oil, Recognize and Don't Just Choose


  • 1. Read the Vehicle Manual Book
  • 2. Check the thickness of the oil
  • 3. Oil Making Materials
  • 4. Pay attention to fake oil

Oil alias lubricant has a significant meaning for motorbikes. It functions to help engine performance to be optimal and not face direct friction. Of course, choosing a lubricant should not be arbitrary, it must match the type of engine of your vehicle. Lubricant is like the main consumption for the machine. If the engine oil is lacking, the engine lubrication is less than optimal. Important components in the engine, such as cylinders, blocks, and piston rings, wear out more quickly and are scratched. What is the right oil selection method?

Well, usually a mechanic at a manufacturer's official workshop or a trusted repair shop will recommend the type of oil that is suitable for the vehicle he is handling. "Generally, a mechanic will offer good oil for your car. However, you also have to know what kind of oil is right for your vehicle, "said the Spare Part Department Head of PT Suzuki Indomobil Motor (SIM) Christiana Yuwantie.

There are several things you need to know, before making a purchase. Starting from the level of viscosity (SAE), quality code (API), to the type. Here's an easy guide to determine the right oil for your motorbike.

1. Read the Vehicle Manual Book

Example Guidebook Image

The easiest way to choose the right oil is to read the vehicle manual. In the manual, the engine specifications and the right type of oil are explained. "It's very simple to choose the right oil, read the manual for your car. Another important thing is compatibility with the engine and quality, not just the brand," he said.

2. Check the thickness of the oil

Example of an Oil Checking Image Using a Dipstick

Each engine oil has the same function. However, the lubricant will not work optimally if the content does not match the characteristics of the vehicle's engine." Generally, the ratio of oil can be seen from the viscosity of the liquid. The level of viscosity, aka viscosity-grade is indicated by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) number. continue to be good for the car engine.

Yup, pay attention to the oil packaging, generally there are codes SAE 10W- 30, SAE 20W- 40, SAE 20W- 50, and others. What does it mean? SAE stands for Standards of the Society of Automotive Engineers. For your information, SAE is an international body whose viscosity index is also used in various parts of the world.

The number after the letters SAE describes the viscosity level of the oil at cold temperatures. Then the number after the letter W or the reverse is the level of viscosity when the engine is running or hot. The number continues to increase until the oil continues to be thick in its condition. And vice versa, continue to reduce the number until the oil is thinner.

Not only SAE, there is also an API code on the motor oil packaging. API stands for the American Petroleum Institute or an oil quality checking agency used overseas. This API code is usually accompanied by other characters, such as API SL, API SN, API SP, and others. Continue to be capitalized following the letter S, meaning that the quality of the oil continues to be good and meets the latest standards.

3. Oil Making Materials

Illustration of Mineral And Synthetic Oil

Vehicle oil is divided into 2 types of materials, namely synthetic and mineral oil. Synthetic oil is made of various chemicals with additive properties, whereas mineral oil is made from the extraction of petroleum. Which oil is better?

Each has advantages and disadvantages. Very easy for the selection is the age of the motor. If your motorbike is a young alert, then only use synthetic oil. Good oil is mineral oil derived from petroleum. That is, this oil is more natural than synthetic oil which has been mixed with other chemicals.

4. Pay attention to fake oil

Example of the Difference between Fake Oil and Genuine Oil

Currently, there is a lot on the market about counterfeit oil. Oil sellers usually set a lower price than the standard price. "Actually, it's easy to identify fake oil, you can see it from the price, the color of the lubricant is more intense, the smell is slightly rancid and aggressive, like it contains metal," said Christiana.

He said for Suzuki they have OEM lubricants namely Suzuki Genuine Oil and Chemical (SGO). However, as with cars, SGO will soon be replaced by the Ecstar brand. This is to further increase the durability of the motorbike engine guarantee. Say there will be 2 types, namely 10W- 40 and 20W- 50.

Ecstar oil is claimed to be the result of development with a more special license and has bigger specifications than the previous SGO line. Is the highest oil quality standard recognized by API or American Petroleum Standard. Later there will be some SAE specifications so that consumers have options.

One of the recipes that became the key to the development of Suzuki Ecstar oil was the content of Molybdenum. For the Spare Part Department Head of PT Suzuki Indomobil Motor (SIM) Christiana Yuwantie, the Molybdenum content can reduce friction (a little friction), so the engine work becomes lighter." Molybdenum is a content that acts as a friction modifier that forms a layer on the metal surface in the engine The benefit is to reduce friction so that engine performance is maximized and fuel efficient,