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Cause Shockbreaker Leaks Easily

Recognize the Causes of Shockbreakers Leaking Easily

When it rains like this, usually there will be several paths that are passed by motorists, experiencing damage and making us have to be more careful. At times like this, you will usually feel the benefits of the shock absorbers more, or whether your motorcycle's shock absorbers function properly or not. This is because the shockbreaker is related to comfort when driving. When a motorbike shockbreaker encounters a problem, it will definitely affect your own driving experience. Even though it looks trivial, in fact some of the things below can make your motorbike shock absorber leak quickly!

  • Accumulation of Dust on the Dust Seal.

It's so trivial, isn't it? Dust that has accumulated on the dust seal or the barriers on the machine. If it is not cleaned and left alone, the dirt will become hard so that the motorbike shockbreaker does not work optimally. Not only that, if the dust that has entered it is left longer, it can tear the oil seal on the motor. You know what happened next? Oil can also leak and come out of the engine. It's even worse! Even though at this time it has entered the rainy season and often the engine gets muddy, you don't forget to clean it at the weekend to take care of it. The trick is also easy, just using a wet towel or water mixed with soap you can clean it.

  • Keep Stepping on the Gas When the Track is Broken Again.

Try, try, what are the brakes for if you don't use them? If you have a habit of constantly stepping on the gas even though the track is broken and full of potholes, you have to be on guard because this can make the shockbreaker work harder and cause faster damage. Therefore, it is better to avoid speeding when the roads are not sufficient. If that's not allowed, slow down your motorbike speed so that the shockbreaker works smoother.

  • Reducing the Load on the Motor Reverse.

Each type of motorized vehicle, of course, has its respective load capacity. Regarding this, it is not without an alibi and should be observed. Occasionally carrying more weight because you have to carry things from one place to another is not a problem. However, if you have been doing it very often for a long time, you should be careful. Carrying a load that is greater than the ability of the vehicle unit, almost the same as the result of speeding on an uneven track, can make the shockbreaker have to work harder. The suspension also wears out quickly and it's hard to get back to working optimally for what it's meant to be.

  • Irregular Oil Changes.

The health of the motorbike shockbreaker can also be hampered if the oil change you are doing is not orderly. At least once every 1 to 2 years, you must pay close attention to the shockbreaker special oil changes. If you don't remember, try to experience whether the swing of the suspension is unpleasant? If you feel that comfort has decreased, it could be that the oil for the shockbreaker needs to be changed! Not only does the suspension swing, when you feel the engine speed, you feel a flash back, it is also a sign that the oil in the shockbreaker is starting to go bad.

It's Time to Replace.

Changing the oil regularly, avoiding speeding on uneven roads, paying attention to the load to carry on the motorbike has also been done. If your shockbreaker is still having problems, maybe it's time to ask for an exchange. Like other things, shockbreakers can also reach a certain age. Some of the signs are that you often see oil seepage in the tube and the suspension doesn't feel safe. In general, the age of the front shock absorber is 3 years, whereas for the rear shock absorber it is 2 years. So, if you feel that your motorbike's shock absorber has exceeded that age, it would be nice to have it checked by the nearest repair shop for maintenance!

So, bro, those are some things that have been considered trivial, but in fact they can make your shockbreakers face problems. Instead of asking your motorcycle for snacks later in the day, you should check as soon as possible, if there is discomfort because the shockbreaker has started, you have to pay close attention.