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Causes of Oil Rising Spark Plugs and Effective Ways to Overcome Them

Masbro7 - Engine oil rises to wet the motor spark plug, is that risky?

Definitely yes if the condition causes the oil volume to drop to an extreme. As a result, from very mild engine power to very severe, the piston can be locked due to lack of lubricant.

This is because the oil that reaches the spark plug will also be burned during the combustion process. So that the volume of oil gradually less.

The burning will leave a dark crust on the spark plug and if the oil leak is bad enough, the spark plug will also be wet with oil.

Then what are the things that cause oil to leak to the spark plugs and what is the solution? follow fully below.

The cause of the oil getting into the spark plugs

Oil can get into the spark plugs can be caused by the following things.

1. Valve seal is leaking/damaged

The oil in the engine, not only lubricates the crank section, but engine oil is also supplied to the cylinder head to lubricate the valve mechanism parts.

At the valve, there is a rubber seal that is useful for preventing oil from the cylinder head from entering the manifold, because the manifold is directly connected to the combustion chamber so that when there is a leak in this seal, oil enters the combustion chamber area.

Inside the combustion chamber, oil will coat all surfaces of the combustion chamber including the spark plugs. And when the spark plug turns on automatically the oil is also burned, the rest of the combustion can be in the form of white smoke coming out of the exhaust.

2. Worn piston rings

The next condition that also has the potential to cause oil to rise into the combustion chamber is due to piston ring wear. On a piston there are at least 3 piston rings which are used to close the gap between the piston and the cylinder so that the compression pressure can be optimal and the oil is always comfortable.

We know that in order for the engine to turn around quickly, the piston must move freely without hindrance. So the piston diameter is made smaller than the cylinder diameter.

To close the gap, 3 rings are placed in the form of a kind of ring that has a gap. Universally, the diameter of the piston ring is larger than the diameter of the cylinder but the piston ring is elastic. So that when inserted, the piston ring can enter and close the piston gap.

However, because it continues to be scratched, the piston rings can wear out. When the piston ring is worn, the gap in the piston ring will continue to widen so that compression pressure can leak and oil can enter the combustion chamber.

To identify what are the characteristics of piston rings that are starting to wear out, you can read the identity of the engine piston rings starting to wear out.

3. Worn cylinder

Apart from the piston rings, the cylinder chambers can also wear out. This occurs when the material from the ring is stronger than the engine block. The process is the same, that is, when the engine block wears out, its diameter continues to widen so that the compression pressure drops and oil can enter easily.

For these 2 causes, there are usually other indications that follow, namely the engine being difficult to start and the motor power dropping.

4. Gasket is leaking/damaged

In engines, gaskets have several uses. Not only to avoid the formation of compression leaks, gaskets also play a role in preventing oil from coming out of its path.

The oil path from the block to the cylinder head must be given a seal such as a gasket so that when the oil circulates, the oil does not flow into the combustion chamber.

However, when the gasket is damaged, oil can flow into the damaged area and enter the combustion chamber. So that the potential is in the spark plugs that are smeared with oil

How to deal with oil rising to the spark plug?

From the several causes above, oil can make the motorbike seriously damaged. Because the problem of oil entering the combustion chamber is a serious problem with the engine.

The best way to solve this is to replace the damaged component. The first step is to detect which components are damaged.

To detect it certainly can't be done with empty hands, you need some special tools to detect damage. Generally, when oil enters the combustion chamber, the engine compression pressure drops. To make sure do a compression check.

If there is damage to the gasket, usually there is oil seepage in the packing between the engine block and the cylinder head. However, you still need to disassemble the cylinder head to replace the gasket.

The price of this packing ranges from 50 thousand to 100 thousand depending on your motorbike. Meanwhile, engine blocks cost from 500 thousand to 1 million rupiah.

The risk if you don't do a replacement immediately, is that you will also come up short. The life of the spark plugs only lasts 1 week, so in one month the spark plugs can be replaced 4 times. If you immediately replace the root of the problem, even though it is expensive, its durability can reach 5 years.