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Skutik users must know, 5 things that make the motorbike get off the engine quickly

These 5 things make the motorbike get off the engine quickly

Choosing an automatic type motorbike for daily mobility is the right choice to reduce traffic jams in the capital city. However, the owner is definitely obliged to prepare funds to pay for maintenance.

One thing that should not be missed is regular servicing. If you are negligent, then you have to be prepared if a component is damaged and you have to get off the machine.

There are 4 characteristics to identify a motorcycle when the engine starts. The first is white smoke coming out of the exhaust when the motor is turned on. It can arise due to the reaction of oil being burned in the engine combustion chamber. This situation can continue to get worse if the motor is not repaired quickly.

The characteristics of the two motors are difficult to start. This can be caused by engine oil rising into the combustion chamber so that the spark plugs are often wet and cause crust. After that the motor runs out of power or compression.

When the engine lacks oil, the lubrication of the components inside the engine is not optimal. This can make some components such as pistons or piston rings have a weaker performance. Then finally the aggressive engine sound. Found because the sound of the engine is different from the usual. Maybe the worst, the engine oil runs out and the sound is even more aggressive.

5 motor triggers must go down the machine

1. Late Oil Change This is a very common problem that often occurs in automatic motorbike users. This was caused by the negligence of the owner, whether it was due to a busy schedule, lack of memory or even due to financial problems. The delay in the oil change schedule has resulted in a decrease in the quality and volume of engine oil. The impact is aggressive engine sound and hot flashes. If left unchecked, in the long term some of the components can disappear. It's like a piston/piston will snap and can't be turned on at all.

2. Rarely Doing Servicing Infrequently or being lazy to do a big service can trigger the motor to drop the engine. Motorcycles require major servicing at least once a year. At least sterilize the scales that accumulate in the combustion engine. If it is very ignorant, some components can be damaged.

3. How to use The method of using the motor also affects the durability of the machine. Bad habits in driving make engine spare parts wear out fast and weak.

4. Not according to standards. The very universal designation is tune-up or bore-up. Enlarging the cylinder capacity has a greater risk of engine down. Moreover, it is not matched by adjustments in other parts. In simple language, a motorbike that is required to increase its speed or cc, makes the engine parts work extra so that the flash engine is damaged.

5. Age of Use of Motorcycles Continue to be used frequently until the km increases. So don't be surprised if an old motorbike needs to be disassembled, because the parts/components inside the engine are starting to wear out. Generally, motorbikes that have passed 30,000 km or have been used for more than 3 years, have started to get fussy asking for revisions to the engine part.