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Get to know Custom Motorcycles and Modifications

Get to know Custom Motorcycles and Modifications

Many people often compare the meaning of modification with custom. Although they have almost the same meaning, these two things are different. The definition of modification and custom in the automotive world actually means changing the motor from the standard type.

However, in practice, these two terms have different meanings. To make it clearer, follow the discussion about the comparison between modification and custom on the following motorized vehicles.

Custom meaning

Examples of Custom Motorcycles

Custom, according to the English language, means something that is made according to orders. Custom can also be understood as adjustments to certain personalities, wishes, or purposes. Therefore, custom is making changes according to the needs of the buyer.
Custom on motorbikes means changing the designs on factory standard motorbikes. The meaning is trying to make the design of the motorbike as unique as possible so that it adapts the imagination and personality of the motorbike user. This type is of course different from the universal manufacturer type.
Custom motorbikes use certain parts and frame models. Many things that can be tried to replace the motor parts. The term custom refers to the change in vehicle specs. These changes are mostly attempted manually and tend to be patchy.

Meaning of Modification

Examples of Modified Motors

What is modification? Modification According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is a change. That means trying to change from its original form. Modifications to the motor are changes to the motor from the factory standard state.
This sounds almost the same as custom, but the context is different. Changes to modified motorbikes are not total changes like custom ones. Modifications to motorbikes are changes made to motorbikes using aftermarket or finished goods.
Motor modification means changing the condition of the factory standard motorbike by changing its components. Components or spare parts used to make changes can be purchased from the aftermarket. Not only that, these replacement spare parts can be taken from other types of motor spare parts.

  • Custom And Modification Differences
The similarity is that there is a change in vehicle specifications when compared to the standard conditions of the manufacturer's version.
  • Custom
The difference is, on a custom motorbike, the changes that occur are more specific and wider. Custom motorbikes not only replace factory designs, but you can also make them yourself from scratch. That is, both all parts and forms of the motor are made from scratch.
Custom on motorized vehicles means changing vehicles from factory standards to new ones. Custom motorbikes are made by completely changing the vehicle parts. On average, custom motorbikes have removed the original factory default components.
The form of changing this motorbike starts from the design, frame, to the knick-knacks that try to be created by themselves. This makes it difficult for custom motorbikes to be imitated, moreover, it can be said that they are only owned by those who make them.
Custom motorbikes also take longer to work on and are more expensive. This is because to make a custom motorbike, you can bring in tank specialists, lathes, and so on.
Because it uses its own design, so custom motorbikes tend to try big changes manually. Examples of custom motorbikes are naked sport motorbikes which have been changed to scramblers, choppers, and cafe racers.
  • Modification
Different from custom, modification is just replacing certain parts with aftermarket so that they look different from the factory type. There has also been a change in these motorized vehicles
in a different meaning. In essence, modification is replacing components with finished goods or aftermarket.
Substitution of the modified car is not tried in total. Modifications to the car can be tried by replacing some of the components with aftermarket items. This modification method still allows for similarities with other cars.
For example, you can change mirrors, rims, or other parts with spare parts for other types of cars that are not the same as their original form. Because it uses something that already exists, it is possible that someone has a car with the same modification.
Aggressively, it can be said that the comparison between custom and modification lies in the desire of the maker. Custom cars are made to work from scratch. Instead of car modification
made for style and satisfaction in changing spare parts.