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Vehicle Insurance Benefits | Masbro7

Vehicle Insurance Benefits | Masbro7

Masbro7- The benefit of vehicle insurance is to provide compensation in the event of damage to the vehicle. Motor vehicle or car insurance coverage includes losses incurred, for example being submerged in a flood, damaged due to crashing or being hit, and so on.

One example of a problem, for the Information of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) related to the problem of flooding in Indonesia in 2019, flood disaster events reached 1,538 events in the period January to April.

Quoting from Carfix Indonesia Information 2020, the range of fees for car repairs due to flooding is not cheap, starting from IDR 2 to IDR 6.7 million.

Therefore, when deciding to own a car or motorbike, whether individual or commercial, make sure it is protected by vehicle insurance.

Then, what benefits can be obtained in a car and motor vehicle insurance policy? Come on, follow the following discussion!

The benefits of car insurance depend on the type of product

Basically, there are 2 types of car insurance that you can choose from. Usually the types of policies that are imported by the car insurance industry are as follows.

  • Asuransi Total Loss Only( TLO)
  • Asuransi All Risk

1. Total Loss Only (TLO) Insurance

The meaning of TLO insurance is to provide the benefits of a motorized vehicle or car in the form of compensation if it suffers total damage. Now, what is meant by total destruction in this type of TLO insurance is that the value of the loss reaches more than 75 percent of the price of the vehicle at that time.

There is also coverage provided by the insurer, namely compensation for losses until the replacement of a new car. Depends on the selected policy.

2. All risk insurance

All risk insurance or also known as comprehensive insurance is the benefit of motor vehicle and car insurance that covers more complete losses, both minor and severe damage.

So, not only is the risk of the car being lost and mired, but minor damage such as scratches and dents will also be covered by insurance.

Therefore it is not surprising that car insurance premiums for all risk protection are usually more expensive than TLO.

Expansion of motor vehicle insurance coverage

Motor vehicle insurance is a form of financial protection that can provide guarantees against the major risks that may arise from owning a motorized vehicle.

However, motor vehicle insurance can also be extended with bonus guarantees that can cover risks such as losses due to riots and riots, terrorist activities, floods, personal accidents of drivers and passengers, and legal liability for third party losses.

Thus, motor vehicle insurance not only provides protection against major risks, but can also provide broader coverage against various risks that may arise from motor vehicle ownership.

General vehicle insurance benefits:
Simply put, the purpose of insurance is to provide coverage or financial solutions when there is a risk of total to partial loss.

The risk of total loss which is defined as being lost, stolen, mired, and the like. While some of the losses are scratches, dents, and the like.

So, the benefits you have depend on what type of vehicle insurance you choose. Even so, in general there are 7 benefits of vehicle insurance that you can have.

  • Become a financial solution when there is a loss
  • Help control finances better
  • Instant solution when there is a loss
  • Sharing the benefits of other bonus service features
  • Share inner peace
  • Protect the value of the vehicle
  • Solution to the risk of high level of disaster

1. Become a financial solution when a loss occurs
Payment for vehicle revisions, especially cars, is not cheap, let alone it can reach millions of rupiah. Especially if the loss is large, for example it is stolen by an irresponsible person, meaning that the value of the loss can reach the total price of the vehicle.

So, if you are protected by vehicle insurance, the value of the loss will be borne by the insurance.

Apart from being owned by individual customers, car insurance is also used by companies to provide financial protection for industrial operational cars.

The benefit of vehicle insurance for the industry in this case is to avoid large losses if something unexpected happens to the office car.

2. Help control finances better.
When the vehicle you own is damaged, it will indirectly affect your financial arrangements.

For example, if an individual vehicle breaks down due to being submerged in a flood, you must use emergency funds or savings to pay for the revision.

Meanwhile, for conventional vehicles, it is clear that it will interfere with your income. For that, it means the benefits of vehicle insurance to cover revision fees if a loss occurs.

3. Instant solution when there is a loss.
Some car insurance policy options provide pick-up services for cars that are damaged or suffer losses. That means, you no longer need to bother bringing your car to a partner repair shop.

All you have to do is call the insurer to submit a car insurance claim and the insured vehicle will be picked up at a certain location.

After the revision and claim process ends, the customer's car will be returned to the position according to what is stated in the policy. Very instant, right?

4. Sharing the Benefits of other bonus service features.
There is also a car insurance policy that provides vehicle insurance benefits in the form of rental and towing coverage.

That is, as long as the car is in the revision period, the insurer will provide coverage for the cost of a rental car or taxi with terms mutually agreed upon in the policy.

Tips for choosing the best and cheapest vehicle insurance.

The benefits of cars and vehicles will indeed help mobility. So to get the best vehicle insurance and policy benefits, you must choose carefully. Interested in having these types of car insurance?

Before deciding to buy vehicle insurance, make sure you have studied the policy carefully, OK? But before that, you must follow the following guidelines for selecting the best car insurance in order to get the best benefits at the cheapest premium prices.

1. Select the type of insurance according to your needs.
So that you get the optimal benefits of vehicle and car insurance, choose according to your needs. For example, for new car insurance it would be better if you choose an all risk policy. Because the efficacy of coverage is more complete.

Meanwhile, for those of you who have an old car and live in an area with a high risk of theft, it would be better to buy a TLO policy. Because the premium price is more affordable.

But it should be noted, apart from the type of insurance and the age of the vehicle, insurance rates also follow the car insurance rate set by the Financial Services Authority.

2. Compare policies from various industries to get the best premium rates.
Want to get the cheapest premium price? You can compare policies from the best insurance companies in Indonesia. You can compare.
policies from various vehicle insurance industries in Indonesia online through Lifepal.

3. Selection of the insurance industry with trusted credibility.
The best insurance industry is not just a popular brand. But as much as possible, complain a little and have healthy financial reports.

4. Selection of vehicle insurance with extensive workshop partners
Extensive workshop partners will help make it easier for you when you want to do revisions. That's why looking for an industry with formal (authorized) workshop partners from the car brand or working with non-authorized repair shops is a consideration.

5. Compare the premium price with the features offered.
The price of car insurance premiums has indeed been regulated by the OJK. But each feature and service provided by each product is different. For this reason, before buying a policy, you should pay attention to what protection, features and extra benefits are provided.

Thus the review of the benefits of vehicle insurance, both the benefits of all risk car insurance and the benefits of TLO car insurance. Hopefully it can increase your knowledge, especially those who are currently looking for the best car insurance for their favorite car.