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7 Best Shockbreaker Recommendations

Masbro7- For those of you who want to upgrade your motorcycle's suspension, currently the best motorbike shockbreaker options are quite varied in Indonesia. From the cheapest price tag to the most expensive in Indonesia.

In choosing a shockbreaker, all you have to do is adjust your needs and also the budget you have. Sokbreakers are currently also quite diverse, there are those for automatic motorbikes, ducks, sports and many more.

Shockbreaker itself is one of the important components on a motorbike. Its main function is to be able to dampen vibrations when driving, so that the driver and passengers feel safe on the way.

Therefore, it means that you are using the best motorbike shockbreaker. So that when driving continues to be comfortable and safe.

Usually the majority of people replace the manufacturer's standard shockbreaker with aftermarket products. With the aim of obtaining a more exciting driving sensation.

The use of aftermarket shockbreakers can also support the appearance to look cool. In line with that, here Moladin will share suggestions for the best motorbike shockbreakers that can be an option.

Following are the best shockbreaker recommendations according to Masbro7

1. Ohlins, the Best Motorcycle Shockbreaker that Can Be an Option


The best initial motorbike shockbreaker suggestion is that you can use the Ohlins brand. The big name Ohlins itself does not need to be doubted, especially in terms of the quality of the products that are produced.

Ohlins is also well known as a manufacturer of premium shockbreakers which have quite a large price tag. The Swedish manufacturer often offers shockbreakers with an average price tag of over Rp. 3 million.

The big price tag is in line with the quality offered. You can get the best tube shocks that provide a sense of security and comfort when driving.

In designing products, Ohlins is known to always create the best materials. Because in designing products Ohlins usually conducts in-depth studies before launching products to the market.

So it's no wonder that the Ohlins shockbreaker is trusted by big motorbike manufacturers (moge) such as Kawasaki, Ducati, Aprilia, and others. Not long ago, Ohlins also provided shock absorbers for automatic motorbikes.

Interestingly, the Ohlins product range is designed to be plug and play for each motorcycle model. That way the installation also becomes easier without changing the holder or bracket.

2. YSS, Available in Various Variants

Referring to the best motorbike shockbreaker options, your next option is to sort out the YSS product line-up. Not long ago, YSS was quite aggressive in marketing automatic motorbike shockbreakers in Indonesia.

The Thai manufacturer also has product quality that is no less good than other aftermarket shockbreaker products. Interestingly, the price tag for YSS shockbreakers tends to be more affordable.

There are so many types of shock absorbers that they sell in Indonesia, from tube shocks to standard shocks. If you are looking for the best motorbike shockbreaker, we recommend buying the YSS Hybrid DTG shock.

The shockbreaker, which has a length of 330 millimeters, is equipped with the latest technology. Because it has used nitrogen gas in the canister.

What's more, this shockbreaker has several settings for the level of violence. The method for controlling one of the best automatic motorbike shockbreaker suggestions is very easy.

Just turn the thread at the base clockwise for a softer setting, and counterclockwise so that the shockbreaker is harder. Not only that, this shockbreaker is also available in several color options, such as white, chrome and red.

YSS Hybrid DTG shock absorbers are suitable for those of you who like cornering. To own it, it is enough to make money around Rp. 330 thousand.

3. Kayaba, Trusted by Many Manufacturers in Indonesia

Looking for the best motorbike shockbreaker? You can choose to use the Kayaba product line. Kayaba shock absorbers are often used by various motorcycle manufacturers in Indonesia, such as Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki.

For matters of quality, of course there is no need to doubt it. Kayaba is known as one of the best motorcycle shockbreaker manufacturers in the country.

Kayaba shockbreaker prices also tend to be affordable. The price tag varies quite a lot, starting from IDR 250,000.

If you want to buy a Kayaba tube shockbreaker, a kind of Kayaba Zeto type. So you have to prepare funds around 1 million to 2 million. Behind the affordable price tag, Kayaba's shockbreakers for automatic motorbikes are usually of high quality.

If you have more funds, we highly recommend you try Kayaba Zeto, considering that this product is equipped with an adjustable feature that allows you to adjust the hardness level of the shockbreaker as you wish.

4. Scarlet, Indonesian modifiers are in demand

Then mangulas overrides the best motorbike shockbreaker, the recommendation is to use the Scarlet brand. Scarlet materials are well known by lovers of 2-wheeled modifications in Indonesia.

Most people use Scarlet shock absorbers for their favorite automatic motorbikes. Not only has good quality, the price tag offered is also affordable.

Generally, the Scarlet shockbreaker product line-up is equipped with tubes and has preload and rebound features. In terms of price, Scarlet shock absorbers are generally sold at a price tag of under Rp.

For example, the Scarlet shock absorbers for NMax and XMax are sold at IDR 900,000. On the other hand, for automatic motorbikes with basic 150 cc engines, they are usually offered at IDR 500,000.

5. DBS, Low Price Quality Shockbreaker


DBS is one of the best motorbike shockbreakers at low prices with lots of options. But for matters of quality, this product has been able to accommodate the needs.

For those of you who are interested in using DBS shock absorbers, you only need to prepare funds of around Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 1 million. For the cheapest is a standard shock that is not equipped with a tube.

If you want the best, you can wear DBS shocks. Because it tends to be safer to use, especially on automatic motorbikes.

DBS Premium is an excellent product for you to use. The price offered is above IDR 1 million. This type is available for automatic motorbikes with 150cc engines, such as Yamaha NMAX, Yamaha Aerox, Honda PCX, and others.

DBS Premium shock absorbers are equipped with adjustable rebound & spring, until the tube is filled with nitrogen gas.

6. KTC( Kitaco)


KTC or Kitaco are included in the list of the best motorcycle shockbreaker manufacturers in Indonesia. The Taiwanese manufacturer sells quite a number of products in Indonesia.

Kitaco only sells premium shocks at quite large prices. For those of you who want to use KTC shocks, don't go wrong. Because in Indonesia there is Kytaco which is made locally.

Therefore, you need to make sure the shock you are buying is the Kitaco brand. But if you want something cheaper, then the Kytaco shock can always be an alternative.

Hopefully the data overwriting the best motorbike shockbreaker options can be of use to you.