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6 Characteristics of New Tires Required to Replace

6 Characteristics of New Tires Required to Replace

Tires are an important component of motorcycles that support comfort and safety. Tires are also one of the spare parts that come into contact with asphalt.

Therefore, motorcycle users must recognize the condition of the tires as well as some of the signs that indicate

tires need to be exchanged.

There are various markers that need to be paid attention to when checking tires, if they are exceeded they have the potential to cause disaster.

So, here Masbro7 has summarized, from various sources, 6 characteristics of motorbike tires that must be replaced that you need to know.

Characteristics of Motorcycle Tires Must Be Replaced

1. Tire tread aligned with Tread Wear Indicators (TWI)

Tread Wear Indicators (TWI) is an indicator whose position is on the surface of the tire. TWI has a triangular shape, and is a sign of the limit of motorcycle tire wear. If the tire continues to be close to the tip of the TWI triangle, then the owner should change the tire quickly.

2. Feels rocking when cornering

Tires that are still healthy are always safe when used to drive on soft roads. Tires will also minimize collisions on uneven roads. However, if the motorcycle tires begin to feel shaken or shaky when used cornering on a flat asphalt track, it is an indication that the motorcycle tires must be replaced.

3. Flow flower thinning

Tires have a line groove whose purpose is to break up puddles when passing. The point is that the motor does not slip. However, pay attention again motorcycle tires. If the grooves are not visible, it is one of the characteristics of the motorcycle tires that must be replaced.

4. Very bouncy

In fact, very bouncy tires do not mean good. Good tires have performance that can match the main shockbreaker on uneven tracks.

If the tire is very bouncy when it experiences an impact, then the texture of the tire is a sign that it is not too hard and is no longer elastic. This is the identity of the motorcycle tire that must be exchanged.

5. A bulge on the surface of the tire

Tires that have been used for a very long time may still look good. However, the presence of a hard impact can cause the surface of the motorcycle tire to become bumpy or bumpy.

The bulge may not seem big. However, an incomplete tire surface will have a serious impact, especially if you are going fast accompanied by cornering.

6. Lots of tears and punctures

The identity of the motorbike tire must be replaced when there are lots of tears and punctures in the tire. This is because driving with heavily torn tires can cause uneven contact patches and limit ride quality and vehicle performance, moreover, it can be a safety hazard.