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5 Triggers & Solutions Sounding Motorcycle Brake Pads

5 Triggers & Solutions Sounding Motorcycle Brake Pads

Masbro7 - It's not often found when driving to make a sound or squeak of a motorcycle brake that makes an earache for those who hear it. Especially when it rains, motorbike brakes are very vulnerable to squeaking sounds that disturb the rider.

Brakes on motorcycles are a very important feature and have a vital position to protect safety and security while driving. Many motorbike owners do not recognize the trigger for the sound, so they prefer to ignore it, while the sound of the brakes is quite dangerous and must be repaired.

The following aspects of the brake lining trigger sound:

1. Dirty Brake Pads

Dust and dirt can get into the brake pads. When crossing dusty and sandy roads like that, dirt gradually sticks to the brake pads.


If you want to try the work yourself, open the part of the brake lining that sounds and clean it with sandpaper. Rub it slowly and don't brush it for a long time because it makes the canvas thinner.

2. Thin Brake Pads

The friction of the metal of the brake pads with the disc brake or disc makes a squeaky sound. This is due to the frequent delay in changing the brake pads that have been thinned by motorists. Meanwhile, the brakes are one of the important components that can support the safety of the rider.


Buy new brake pads because thin brake pads don't last long. If Not Replaced There Will Be A Great Chance Of An Accident.

3. Contaminated Brake Pads

There are a handful of motorists who believe that using oil and grease or the like will make the brakes grip. Meanwhile, this can cause the brake pads to burn and continue to be dangerous for the rider.


Should replace the canvas with a new one. Not only does it eliminate the squeaking sound, it can also eliminate the bad impression because the brake pads appear burnt.

4. Skid Brake Pads

For this trigger, the driver is always pressing the brake lever continuously. clutch lining material becomes hard so the brakes don't grip and sound.


Replace the lining with a new one and it is necessary to know for the rider to give the brake lever a standard clearance of 10-20 ml.

5. Discs / Disc Brakes Are Thin and Uneven

The disc is uneven because it has run out of brake pads or has been used for a long time.


Bring your motorbike to the nearest repair shop and immediately replace it with a new disc.