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The Best and Preserved Motor Battery Recommendations

Picture Illustration: Consequences of Incorrect In Choosing Batteries

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This time, Masbro7 will recommend the best motorcycle battery products.
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Motorcycle battery is an important spare part on a motorcycle. This is because the battery has a vital function, especially with regard to motor electricity.
Therefore, motorcycle owners must choose the right battery. You can choose a good motorcycle battery based on the price of the motorcycle battery and the type of motorcycle battery (dry or wet battery).

You can tell the quality of a motorcycle battery from the cold cranking amperage (CCA) and ampere hour (Ah). Motorcycle batteries that have a high CCA generally have the ability to release a large initial power. This power is used to start the vehicle engine.

There are several considerations that you should pay attention to in choosing a motorcycle battery. The hope is that the motorcycle battery of your choice will suit your needs.

Best Motorcycle AKI Recommendations According to MASBRO7.
Product Image and Product Name


GS Astra



kan kayaba





best performance, more power and up to +50% cycle life. This type of battery is also completely safe against liquid spills and more resistant to vibration

has a longer energy storage life

safer because

be equipped

with valve

safety valve/valve that functions to release gas in the event of negligence over charging and prevents the battery from being bloated.

maintenance free, leak proof, ready to use, safe, high starting power

Multifunctional use, More durable and long lasting, easy maintenance

Bosch battery life is claimed to be longer than other batteries because the gel material and separator between cells are of good quality

quality, cheap battery but not cheap, battery with GEL material which has advantages

Price starting fromRP. 225.000,00RP. 233.510,00RP 205.000,00 RP 175.000,00RP 145.000,00RP 165.000,00RP 125.000,00
battery typeGel batteryDry BatteryDry BatteryDry BatteryDry BatteryDry BatteryGel battery
For motorbikesMatic, Duck, SportMatic, Duck, SportMatic, Duck, SportMatic, duck, sport (more focus on matic)Matic, Duck, SportMatic, Duck, SportMatic, Duck, Sport
Capacity6 Ah5.5 Ah6 Ah5 Ah5 Ah3.5 Ah6 Ah
Voltage12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V12 V12 V12 V
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